Vladimir Alksnis has 27 of the feathered Aussie creatures on his 70 hectare Exotic Animals Farm in the Leningradskaya Oblast region, about 120km north of St Petersburg.

“I’ve never been to Australia,” he says. “But people around here are very fond of seeing the emus.

“They are of big interest for people who live around here because it is a very exotic bird to our country, to our world. People come here to see them. They are amazing.”

Bred from emu eggs in partnership with the local zoo, Mr Alksnis says the animals have adapted to the harsh northern Russian climate, where winter temperatures dip as low as minus 40 degrees celsius.

“They have no problem because they have got their feathers,” he explains.

The region is currently experiencing summer “white nights”, where the glaring sun shines even into the early hours of the morning.

The emus live in a wooden shed in the evening to give them a sense of darkness, Mr Alksnis says.

He has big plans to build a “little Australia” in northern Russia.

Already, replica Aboriginal art, an Australian flag and massive map of the country adorn the walls of his small museum on the farm, where hundreds of visitors are told about Australian life.

He also sells Australian wine and hopes to one-day add emu meat and oil to his products.

Mr Alksnis also wants to add a wallaby and black swan to his collection of unusual pets, which include turkeys, pheasants, geese and chickens.

Mr Alksnis finds it difficult to explain why he has such passion for all things Australian.

“It’s too far from Russia, so I decided to build a part of Australia here,” he says.

  • Posted on 10. January 2019
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