Tuesday was a day of war games for Kevin Rudd and Liberal costings were again in his sights.


The prime minister indulged himself in all things military – both real and rhetorical – while campaigning in North Queensland.

Pre-election Economic and Fiscal Outlook (PEFO), released in the morning, was “D-day for Mr Abbott when it comes to announcing his own bottom line”, Mr Rudd said.

Gleefully armed with comments from WA Liberal MP Don Randall, the prime minister claimed the cat had been belled on coalition plans to ditch its election platform.

The Canning MP had stated the obvious, that an Abbott government may have to review its program once it’s seen the nation’s book.

But Mr Rudd accused the coalition of a bit of “wink, wink, nudge, nudge” on their numbers.

“Whatever we say don’t really believe it because we, Mr Abbott’s team, are going to throw half of it overboard,” the PM told the media at a childcare centre in Townsville.

It’s not that the coalition can’t add up, he said in a rare show of praise.

But they didn’t want to come clean on what he again alleged to be $70 billion worth of cuts.

On a visit to Townsville’s Lavarack Barracks, the prime minister watched the artillery regiment run through exercises on two light weight Howitzers.

He was obviously impressed by the two 155mm guns – which have a range of more than 20 kilometres.

“I don’t have lungs like a Howitzer,” he said before an address to the soldiers, urging them to come closer.

“Not yet, anyway,” he joked, before labelling the weapons, not his lungs, “a critical capability” for the country.

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