Justice Minister Chris Ellison said exploiting children is an abuse of basic human rights.

The legislation, passed in June, comes into effect on Wednesday, and comes a day after reports that girls as young as 14 had been forced to marry older men in Lebanon, as an attempt by their families to protect them from Western influences at home.

The new trafficking laws, passed during the last federal parliamentary sitting, criminalise people trafficking, including activities associated with the exportation of child brides.

The Australian embassy in Beirut has reported that it has been approached by 12 women, seven of them below 18, seeking help in escaping arranged marriages.

The Australian newspaper reported that one 14-year-old girl had been effectively imprisoned in the home of her husband after being forced by her father to marry a year earlier.

She has since returned to Australia, after consular staff contacted her mother.

“As from tomorrow, as a result of laws passed in the Senate in June this year, it is an offence to traffic a young person, a juvenile, overseas for sexual servitude or indeed marriage and a forced marriage could well constitute that sort of behaviour,” Senator Ellison told reporters in Perth.

“We have penalties in place at a maximum of 25 years imprisonment and that sends a very clear message that we will not accept in Australia any activity which involves sending children, particularly young girls, overseas to be forced into a marriage, into a situation which they might not be aware of, a marriage they are unwilling to be a participant of.”

Senator Ellison said Australia’s child sex trafficking laws are now among the toughest in the world.

Australian Muslim cleric Sheikh Taj Aldin al-Hilaly condemned the practice of child brides as against Islam.

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