Airport official Steve Shaw said 43 people, of the 309 passengers and crew onboard, were taken to area hospitals but their injuries were minor.

Mr Shaw added that the circumstances surrounding the crash are the subject of an ongoing Canadian-French investigation.

The plane, arriving at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport from Paris, was apparently struck by lightning while braking on the runway, according to a French source close to the investigation.

Passengers on the ill-fated flight have told of a terrifying “rollercoaster” ride as the plane skidded off the runway and pitched into a ravine.

Some told of seeing lightning as the plane came down.

“The power went out in the airplane just before we landed. We were going extremely fast. The power shut down completely .. one minute before we crashed,” said passenger Olivier Dubois.

The pilot seemed unable to stop the plane, which pitched into a ravine 200 metres past the runway and burst into flames, another passenger, Roel Bramar, said.

“I guess in the end it turned out to be that he overshot the (runway)… we came to the end of the (runway) and went into the ravine. The plane came to an abrupt stop and that’s putting it mildly, he said.

After the plane came to a stop the crew opened doors in the forward part of the plane and got emergency chutes in place “very, very fast,” Mr Dubois recounted.

“People were screaming and panicking … The good thing is that everybody really rushed to the emergency exits. Everybody was jumping as fast as possible and running everywhere. Because the fear was that the plane would blow up,” he said.

Passengers and crew apparently escaped the plane before the fire became the inferno visible to eyewitnesses watching from the side of a nearby highway, who described fireballs exploding.

Mr Bramar said he was the second one off the plane and didn’t look back.

“Really what I did was run like crazy. There was quite a bit of
fire on the ground,” he said.

The crash landing is the first major accident involving the European-built Airbus A340-300 since it first flew 14 years ago, airline statistics showed.

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