In the isolated Kfar Darom settlement Jewish protesters hurled acid at police trying to evict them from a synagogue.

Police used wire cutters to cut through razor wire which had been spread across the roof of the synagogue, while protesters were seen hurling liquid, dirt and stones.

The incident came as Israel pressed on for a second day to remove remaining settlers and protesters who have refused to leave Gaza.

Screaming protesters were hauled out one-by-one by their hands and feet from the synagogue, whose foundation stone was ironically laid by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

“We have several policemen who have been wounded by acid and we will apply the full force of the law,” General Dan Harel, in charge of the pullout, told reporters.

The scenes of Jewish soldiers locked in confrontation with settlers and their supporters were repeated elsewhere in Gaza, with security forces finding themselves the targets of insults, rotten eggs and tins of food.

Medical sources said that 45 people, including 27 police, were wounded during Thursday’s operations.

Around 100 radical Jews were arrested after the Kfar Darom clashes.

Similar dramatic scenes occurred at the synagogue in the main settlement of Neve Dekalim.

Israeli troops also cleared the messianic beachside settlement of Shirat Hayam, believed to be the most radical of all, dragging settlers out of their homes and putting them onto buses.

In the Kfar Yam settlement, scores of Israeli soldiers raided a house where an armed Jewish settler and around 30 people, including children, had barricaded themselves inside.

More than half the 21 Gaza settlements were reported empty and Israeli officials predicted that Israel’s first ever withdrawal from Palestinian territory would be over by early next week.

Meanwhile, a West Bank settler who gunned down four Palestinians
on the first day of the forcible evacuation said he feels no remorse.

“I am not sorry for what I have done. I wanted to stop the pullout and I hope someone murders Sharon as well,” Asher Weisgan told reporters as he was brought by police to a court near Tel Aviv.

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