Last week hundreds of people were killed after Egypt’s military-backed interim government sent forces in to disperse protest camps of Morsi supporters in Cairo.


Military forces used live ammunition, bulldozers, tear gas and rubber bullets to clear the two camps that had been in place for six weeks.

An Egyptian woman is seen standing between a military bulldozer and a wounded youth as government forces move in on protesters. (Getty)

The clashes come after the country’s first democratically elected and Islamist leader, Mohamed Morsi, was ousted in what many have labelled a military coup.

A supporter of Mohamed Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood party launches a water container into a fire. Several fires erupted during the violence, destroying makeshift campsites and in some cases, killing people inside. (Getty)

Women wearing masks to prevent exposure to tear gas collect rocks to throw during the clashes. (Getty)

A man is seen through the shoulders of security forces as they close in on crowds of demonstrators. (Getty)

One demonstrator shoots fireworks into approaching military forces. (Getty)

Another pro-Morsi protester gestures amid the remains of part of a pro-Morsi camp site. (Getty)

The interim-government’s decision to use force has been condemned by leaders around the world, with US Secretary of State John Kerry describing the events as deplorable.

The United Nations, the European Union, Britain, France, Iran, Qatar and Turkey have also denounced the move.

The number of people killed in the violence is disputed by both sides of the conflict. Egypt’s health ministry says 278 people have so far been killed. Pro-morsi groups say the figure is much higher.

Three journalists have also been killed in the clashes.

A man kneels among the bodies of dead pro-Morsi protesters on the floor of Cairo’s Rabaa al-Adaweya Medical Centre. (Getty)

A girl cries after identifying the body of a dead family member inside the Rabaa al-Adaweya Medical Centre. (Getty)

One man sits handcuffed on the ground as security forces fire tear gas into the giant camp of protestors at Cairo’s Al-Nahda square. (Getty)

Egyptian security forces stand amid the charred remains of the protest camp site near the city’s Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque. (Getty)

A military vehicle sits in Al-Nahda square flanked by smoke and fire after entering the protest camp site. (Getty)

In response to the violence, a month-long state of emergency has now been declared with curfews imposed in Cairo and 13 other provinces.

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