Dressed in a fire-truck red leather suit, he blended urban comedy and impressions, with observational humour and stories from his childhood – punctuated by two particular four-lettered words a total of 401 times.


But he closed with this:

“I think maybe, like, 30 years ago there was a woman that wanted to sing… and this place was, like, segregated and she couldn’t sing here,” he said.

“And here we are, like, not even 50 years later. A 22-year-old black male on stage is getting paid to hold his d***. God bless America.”

The man was Eddie Murphy; and after a career that’s brought him dizzying highs and humiliating lows both on-screen and off, he’s joining the likes of Billy Crystal, Johnny Carson and Bob Hope as the host of next year’s Academy Awards.

While his live stand-up shows “Delirious” and “Raw” remain the stuff of legend, in recent years he’s shed almost any trace of his edgy roots, trading “Beverly Hills Cop” for “Daddy Day Care”.

As a result, many (including yours truly) are eagerly anticipating which Eddie Murphy will actually show up to host Hollywood’s biggest night of the year.

And if he fails to make any references to cookouts, bigfoots or beating children with shoes, I’ma shoot Jimmy Walker in the lips.

The news wasn’t nearly as good for Wesley Snipes this week, who has failed to overturn his conviction on tax charges.

Oliver Stone, meanwhile, is reportedly due to travel to Iran, where his son, Sean, has begun laying the groundwork for a new documentary.

And the makers of the new James Bond film have been forced to change one of their stunts, after India’s minister for railways hit the roof.

That last crack makes a lot more sense if you watch the video.

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