A series of bills put forward by a number of MPs, including two former cabinet ministers, were rejected after a stormy debate by a vote of 69-41, with two abstentions.

A sponsor of one of the bills, former welfare minister Zevulun Orlev, had proposed that the pullout not begin before July 2006, arguing that the authorities had made insufficient preparations for the 8,000 Gaza settlers.

Uzi Landau, another minister who left the government over his opposition to the pullout, said there was “no need for the obsession of respecting the August start date.”

Mr Sharon has consistently stressed that the pullout, expected to last less than a month after it begins on August 17, will go ahead in line with his timetable.

The prime minister said the outcome vindicated his plan and illustrated the widespread support that it had in the country.

“The rejection of this proposition is proof that the government, Knesset and even the public support the disengagement,” he told reporters.

The rejection of the bills was a further blow to opponents of disengagement who have been frustrated in their attempts to stage a mass solidarity march towards the Gush Katif settlement bloc in southern Gaza.

With police and soldiers blocking all access to and from the small town of Kfar Maimon, most of demonstrators drifted away by evening and abandoned their intention to march towards the Kissufim border crossing.

Many of the some 7,000 diehard opponents who stuck it out to the bitter end were blocked by a mass of police and soldiers as they later tried to march towards Gush Katif.

Meanwhile US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was expected in the region by Saturday after warning that time was running short to finalise preparations for the pullout.

The UN Security Council is to meet Thursday at the Arab League’s request to discuss the West Bank separation barrier after Israel approved a revised route around east Jerusalem.

The council will meet to
consider “recent developments in the occupied Palestinian territories, including east Jerusalem,” Greece’s UN envoy Adamantios Vassilakis said.

The debate will coincide with a scheduled open Council briefing on the Middle East.

The Israeli cabinet has approved a revised route for the West Bank separation barrier around east Jerusalem that will be completed within the next few months.

The path will cut through two Palestinian neighbourhoods, leaving some 50,000 Palestinian residents of annexed east Jerusalem on the West Bank side of the barrier.

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