US President George W Bush said it is time to look beyond the Kyoto Protocol, which runs out in 2012.

“Now it is time to get beyond the Kyoto period and develop a strategy that is inclusive not only of the United States but also with developing nations,” said Mr Bush after meeting with British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

He said fast-developing nations must take a role, and welcomed India and China’s attendance at the summit.

Global warming is the most contentious topic at the meeting, which brings together the leaders of the richest industrialised nations: Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia and the US, in Gleneagles, Scotland.

The US and British leaders, close allies in the Iraq war, met after a working breakfast ahead of the opening of formal G8 talks.

Mr Blair has expressed his hopes to set specific targets for reducing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, that experts believe trigger global warming.

But after the meeting he conceded there is “no point in going back to the Kyoto debate.”

Mr Bush reiterated his long-standing demands that a global warming treaty include developing countries such as China and India, countries that are excluded from the current Kyoto provisions.

“The way to move forwards together is to recognise, one, there is a problem, which I have since I have been the president. Two, that there’s a constructive way to deal with the problem,” the US leader said.

He said rich and poor countries must work together in coming years if global warming is to be dealt with successfully.

Mr Blair said China and India will be huge energy consumers as their economies continue to develop, and it would be remiss to leave them out of discussions.

The British leader has put global warming and African poverty at the top of the agenda for this week’s summit.

Mr Bush opposes Kyoto’s call for a cap on carbon pollution, saying it would place excessive financial pressure on the US economy, which is dependant on oil, gas and coal.

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