“I am convinced that terrorism poses today the main threat to human rights and freedom,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said taking the podium on the second day of the United Nations World Summit.

President Putin, however, warned against nations pursuing unilateral action, saying the United Nations and the Security Council were the appropriate avenues to take up the fight.

As such, he said it was necessary to “further strengthen the authority and the legitimacy of the Untied Nations as well as its capacity to respond more effectively to the challenges of the 21st century.”

In light of the UN’s current efforts to introduce reforms, Mr Putin said changes “should be constructive” and “take into account both the lessons learnt and the positive experiences gained by the United Nations and this process must unite not separate.”

Ultimately, the UN and the Security Council “must remain the centres for coordinating international cooperation in the fight against terrorism as the ideological successor of Nazism,” the Russian leader urged.

Chinese President Hu Jintao said a new “fair and effective” security order must be established to lead cooperative efforts against terrorism under the auspices of the world body.

“Such a role can only be strengthened and must not in any way be weakened,” President Hu said.

China and Russia’s arguments were backed up by Chile which has pressed for the rapid finalisation of a comprehensive convention on terrorism.

A condemnation of terrorism was among the various initiatives and reforms contained in a 35 page communiqué adopted by the United Nations 59th General Assembly this week.

However, member states failed to agree on a definition of terrorism and have set a deadline of September next year for the drafting of an anti-terror convention.

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