Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said Bashir’s sentence is already too short, and Australia’s ambassador to Indonesia is meeting with the Indonesian attorney general and justice minister to discuss Australia’s concerns.

Bashir was sentenced to 30 months behind bars in March, however is one of many Indonesian prisoners who will have their sentences cut as part of Independence Day commemorations, according to local media.

“We wouldn’t want to see his already rather short sentence reduced and our ambassador is taking this matter up with the Indonesians,” said Mr Downer.

“We will get a report back from him in time.”

A spokesman for Indonesia’s Cipinang prison told AFP his office has recommended Bashir’s sentence be cut two months and 15 days.

“The formal decision whether our recommendation for Mr Bashir has been approved will be announced on Wednesday morning during the Independence Day ceremony here,” said the spokesman.

Australia lost 88 citizens in the October 2002 blasts in Bali which killed a total of 202 people.

It is not the first time the Australian government has expressed disappointment over the brevity of Bashir’s sentence.

The federal opposition also objected to a cut in his sentence with shadow foreign minister echoing Mr Downer’s comments and comparing Bashir’s 30 months with the 20 year sentence meted out to convicted drug trafficker Schapelle Corby, who has long maintained her innocence.

“Most Australians would ask why is it that Schapelle Corby gets sentenced to 20 years for importing marijuana,” said Kevin Rudd.

“Abu Bakar Bashir gets 30 months for participating in the murder of nearly 100 Australians,” he said.

“I think the Australian people would want to see this sentence of at least 30 months fully carried out and for there not to be any further reductions in it.”

Bashir is believed to be the spiritual leader of militant organisation Jemaah Islamiyah, blamed for the Bali attack and a string of other bombings.

Remissions have been proposed for 19 of 24 convicted Bali bombers along with around 53,000 other prisoners, according to the state Antara news agency.

Indonesia is celebrating its 60th anniversary.

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