Australian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom Richard Alston said the number of Australians on the injury list could rise.

“I don’t think anyone regards the official figures to date as final and I think the history of these sort of episodes is that the numbers can only go one way,” he said.

Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has issued a hotline number — 1800 002 214 — for Australians who are unable to make contact with family and friends in London.

British Authorities have also established a hotline for Australians in the UK to call: 08701 566 344

The Australian High Commission in London said it has not received reports of Australian fatalities among the 37 people confirmed killed in the four blasts on London’s transport system.

Consular staff have spoken to some of the seven injured Australians and are trying to meet the others.

In some cases family members in Australia are yet to be notified
so the High Commission cannot release the names of the injured commuters, who are believed to be in The Royal London Hospital and St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington.

Police have confirmed 37 people were killed in the four explosions that hit three underground trains and a bus during the morning rush hour in central London on Thursday.

But that figure is expected to rise with many of the 700 injured in critical condition.

Australian consular staff are at the The Royal London and St Mary’s hospitals and are liaising with emergency services.

“Given that there are something like 300,000 Australians in the UK and probably more than 100,000 in London at any one time we thought there was some probability,” Mr Alston said.

Mr Alston said it was unsure in which incidents the Australians were caught.

“The Australian government is very disturbed by these events, they have the hallmarks of a terrorist attack, the loss of life is likely to be significant,” Mr Alston said.

“In those circumstances we are 100 percent behind the British government in its determination to resist.”

Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has issued a revised travel advisory for London, warning Australians to avoid the affected areas and not to travel unnecessarily around the city.

Australian Prime Minister John Howard will hold a high-level meeting with intelligence experts following the London terrorist attacks.

Australia’s National Counter Terrorism Group is meeting today to discuss the nation’s response.

State authorities are already ramping up security after yesterday’s attacks.

Mr Howard said there were no plans to raise Australia’s security alert but he would discuss the matter with intelligence officials.

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